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Kickstarter: The 31 Days of Zero Suit Samus: The Collection

Greetings Giant Bomb. How's everyone? Good? Good. First, allow me to apologize for this first post. Well, not really first post if you count those junk posts I did to complete Quests. Remember Quests? Man, I loved those. No, I apologize for this first post because it is an advertisement of sorts. An advertisement for a Kickstarter. I know. But in the short time before your roll your eyes through the back of your skull, let me quickly describe said Kickstarter.

Last year, around this time, a friend and I embarked on a less than epic, but still perfectly interesting internet venture. This friend, his name is Chris Furniss I should mention, ran a podcast which I was a contributor to called The Weekly Geek. It was about videogames and tech and food and other stuff. Also, it was weekly. Anyway, Mr. Furniss, who is a graphic designer, was maligning the fact that he wasn't drawing much anymore and wanted suggestions for things to draw as a kind of exercise. In response I suggested that he draw 30 Days of Zero Suit Samus. I don't know where it came from. It is alliterative, though. So, yeah, there's that. We actually began on July 1st, thus changing the number of illustrations to 31, when I gave Chris the title of "Zero Suit Samus Flies A Kite", and later that day he produced this:

"Zero Suit Samus Flies A Kite"

And we went back and forth like this over the course of the month. I would tweet something in the morning, and he would produce an illustration by the end of the day. Some were very nearly informative:

"Zero Suit Samus Gives A TED Lecture"

Some dealt with some pretty heavy subject matter:

"Zero Suit Samus Stages An Intervention"

All in all it was fairly well received (we were even in an issue of Nintendo Power. NINTENDO POWER! Do you know how excited 8 year old me would have been had he been told that? It would have blown his fucking mind.) People seemed to have dug what we made, which brings us to the aforementioned Kickstarter. We are looking to fund a hardcover collection of all 31 days, complete with an introduction by me, commentary by me and Chris, as well as sketches and guest work by the like of Mare Odomo and Zac Gorman, among others. The Kickstarter edition will have a dust jacket as well. In case you want nothing to do with this whole Kickstarter thing, the entire series can be read online. Here, specifically. I know, like me, you guys probably get bombarded with stuff like this all the time, but if you could spare a couple of minutes to give it a look, we would both really appreciate it. And if you choose to donate, so much the better. Thanks everyone.

Now, to get back to wading through all these E3 trailers.