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    @bisonhero: Even if he is doing this for laughs, it's not funny anymore. It's not antics. It's just boring collecting. We have four people we could be watching play and all we do is watch him stare a...

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    This music reminds how damn sexy Taswell was.

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    Nice review of Mafia III. Those first two paragraphs were tight and dense which is a hard thing to accomplish as a writer. Thanks.
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    I'm playing on PS4, PSN is "Isnagov" Add me so we can play. Mostly PST daytime, but some others might work if I can jump in and out. Play mostly support and sniper roles.

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    Uh, that part with the shotgun is HI-LAR-ious. Also, had some old-school shooter fun with this game and wouldn't mind another dip in the tub.