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I've been playing Super Mario Odyssey. I've thoroughly enjoyed exploring the various worlds, finding everything there is to find and taking my time with it. It's not a game I'm going to rush through. I also just recently picked up Dead Cells on the Switch, I never bought any games like this one before because I'm particularly not a skilful player but folks have convinced me to give it a go. Should be interesting.

In the next month or so... possibly Fallout 76? A lot of my friends are incredibly hyped to play this and wants me to join in. I’m not particularly a fan of survival type multiplayer games but maybe this game will be the one that pulls me.

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Yes but it's mainly due to not having a gaming PC anymore than being against Steam.

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Active? Yes. Worth the money? Probably not. It was at launch, a Call of Duty game that is very reminiscent of what it used to be 10 years ago. Sure it was bug-ridden mess and it didn’t work at all for the first month but the core gameplay was fun to push through all that. It was a return to form for Call of Duty.

But since then, Activision has been progressively making that game more and more like your typical microtransaction riddled mess of a Call of Duty game that you’ve come to expect in recent years. I got increasingly frustrated and burnt out with its supply drop system which wasn’t as egregious until it’s head developers left in early 2018. Since they left, the new developers made acquiring supply drops more of a time-consuming chore, added a flood of new weapons that were far superior to what you got through levelling and added perks that completely changed the game flow. I should have honestly expected this to happen considering what happened with Call of Duty 4 Remastered.

If you don’t care about all that, then by all means, buy and play it but I personally feel that Activision doesn't deserve a cent for continually bastardising their games months after launch. It’s a shitty move to get people to buy in thinking it’s a fair game.

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There are a few ways. I'm lucky to live in London so plenty of stuff going on for me to interact with BUT I'm going to try and see if these methods work for you as well.

  • There is a site (not sure if it's still active) https://www.meetup.com/ that is essentially a hub for people to host events.
  • Reddit has some boards designed for similar purposes. An example would be the London Social Club. There might be one for Manchester, I know it's quite far for you but an hours trip isn't too bad for a one-off event and if you find at least someone there, it was worth the trip.
  • MCM Comic Con is in Manchester sometimes, I think? I know it's like twice a year over in London. Big place, full of people with similar interests.
  • Board game shops or comic shops tend to host events for people. I went to a few tournaments and found people who were pretty sweet to talk with.
  • If you got a GAME or CEX shop, talk with the staff there. It's a longshot but if your desperate, the chances are higher that they would know what your talking about.

It's usually a common interest that brings people together, start there and see where it goes.

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Antidepressants had an opposite effect for me, they made me think more clearly and I was able to react more quickly but I did have other side effects that was equally crippling so I stopped taking them. I told my doctor on my next visit and she was totally fine with it. I got better without them in the end so it's not the only solution to depression.

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I don't really care much for it. I've tried to get into them in the past but it's not really fun for me.

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As someone who has had a launch PS4 and a PS4 Pro running on a standard 1080p screen. Honestly? I haven't seen any discernible difference in most of the games I have played. I don't think it's worth the upgrade or the extra money.

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That depends. The examples you listed are neither interesting nor constructive to warrant a response. I care about an opinion that has been well thought and written, has purpose and doesn’t insult whomever might read it. Screeching and memes is usually what I get on the internet so… I guess the answer is mostly no?

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@harbinlights said:
@splodge said:

I'm an extremely liberal guy, but this kind of thing does not help the left. It's nonsense.

@deathstriker said:

There can be "too much" of anything and for these type of stances it just seems too liberal and naive to me.

Are these "liberal" or "leftist" positions, though?

Personally, I am far too alienated by feminism, social justice, leftism, and liberalism, to really identify with any of them. These are my personal opinions more than anything. Leftists, like the people at ResetERA, treat me like total garbage for being an anime otaku. So I don't know that I really identify with those movements. If anything, they've made it abundantly clear that I love moe way too much to be a feminist or a liberal.

I don't really understand why feminists and/or liberals would be against someone purely based on that they like anime. It's abundantly clear that a lot of people who associate themselves with those labels like anime too but you know, don't get too worked up about labels. You are you. Label yourself however you want, or not.

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I stopped going to Gamespot when they fired Gerstmann. The only time I went back to their site was to see Danny's videos because I heard they were good (which they absolutely are). I haven't really had much a opinion on them since.