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The only reason I'm doing a blog is because I need to put two things in my status and can only put one, so I'll just do a 5-minute blog.

Stuff I've been doing:

  • Operation: Anchorage. It's awesome. The gameplay is the same, but the game feels completely different. There's snow. It's cool. There's a lot more run and gun rather than normal Fallout 3. Has some stealth elements. If you loved Fallout 3, I highly reccomend that you buy immediatley.
  • NBA 2k9. The NBA season is in full swing, and I find myself loving NBA 2k9. That is, of course, except for when I play Bruce (Fuck you and Nate Robinson, Bruce.) But yeah, it's fun and I love getting to see Dirk Nowitzki pwn bitches!
  • Left 4 Dead. This is a game I keep coming back to. Simply put, I love killing zombies, so it's a no brainier. If you wanna play lemme know.
  • Guitar Hero World tour came out with some Bruce Springsteen DLC. Born To Run and some shitty new song he did, but it's free. FREE. Born To Run is a classic and for free, well that's just fantastic.
  • I saw Notorious. It was really good. That is all.
  • I saw Gran Torino. That was better. Clint Eastwood was really great in it, and I recommend it to anyone.
  • Slumdog Millionaire had better win Best Picture.
  • I hope Mickey Rourke wins Best Actor. His acting in The Wrestler was fantastic.
  • That's all. Later.