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Top 11 of 2011: Year of the Co-op

My top 11 games of 2011.

List items

  • Immature, over-the-top, and well everything a video game should be but simplified its just pure fun.

  • I didn't play Arkham Asylum till beginning of this year...suffice to say I enjoyed it enough to make Arkham City a day one purchase. Oh and its probably the best game of the year.

  • First Pokemon game in almost 12 years and first game in my 3ds. Nearly 5 days total playtime in the game and still haven't got to the exclusive area.

  • Some of the most memorable co-op moments I've ever had next to Saint's Row The Third. Oh and the campaign is nothing to overlook either.

  • I've never been a huge fan of Double Fine games but this game was pretty darn amazing.

  • Not the greatest game and well the ending is probably the worst ever but fun and great looking throughout.

  • It may be a Minecraft knockoff but its more of a game than Minecraft will ever be.

  • Better, more streamlined controls. Check Lackluster story. Check Fun. Check

  • Makes you feel for the characters in a way several games try to and fail. I will admit I did not get to the end as my PS3 broke but I don't need to beat it to put it in this list.

  • It may be smaller than League of Legends and will probably get replaced by DoTA 2 as my MOBA needs but it doesn't change that I've had some fun with this game.

  • I got it on PS3, PS3 broke, waited 7 months, got it on PC, and thoroughly enjoying my experience so far. Wait well worth it.