Forever on the back burner

Let's be real, these games might always be on my backburner. These are games that at one point I played, I actually enjoyed but whatever reason put down and never gone back to it and whatever reason don't feel like going back to it because of all the other games I would rather play

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  • I loved Fallout 3 and the start of this one but I have to be honest I am not sure I have the time dedicated to this game anymore. Is there a thing that a game can be too big that the task of completing it is just too much to handle?

  • I started to play this a couple years ago when it came out. Whatever reason put it down. Since then I picked up Little Big Planet 2 and completed the story mode and various % of levels and unlockables. Because I completed the sequal, the desire to go back and play this is greatly reduced. Unless I find a buddy to play co-op..