Awesome Boss Battles

Somewhat of a dying breed in modern gaming, the boss battle is an iconic part of this entertainment medium. It signifies a potentially epic encounter with a tough opponent in a glorious arena with kick ass music to boot. These are my picks for the best boss fights I have encountered over my many years of gaming.

*Note: I am not a fan of JRPGs, so don't be shocked by the omission of things like Sephiroth.

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  • Liquid Ocelot-The final boss fight was arguably one of the least interactive segments of this cinematic franchise, but oh boy, was I not bothered one bit. Kojima's fight choreography still remains some of the best in the industry. Not to mention, this encounter had been built up for almost a decade. It was one a battle between one of the best protagonists in gaming and two(!) of the franchises greatest villains. The cherry on top, however, was the soundtrack. 3 classic MGS tunes were brought back in an ensemble for the ages.


  • Ornstein & Smough-What a deadly combination these two are. They were the cause of many increased blood pressures last year, and have not let up since. To understand just how nut-crunchingly hard this duo was to battle, you'd have to have played Dark Souls. The combat is all about patience and not getting a mob rushing after you. This is wherein the problem lies. There are two dudes to fight in this boss battle. So you must be thinking, "this boss fight must be easy street once one of them has been killed, right?" Well, not exactly, since the last man standing will recover all his HP and absorb his partner's powers. Prepare to die, indeed.


  • Jack Krauser-You see that guy in the background. No, not the Backstreet Boys reject, the one behind him. He gave Leon (and Ada) a run for his money in both a small QTE-off and a full on boss fight. Krauser made good use of his knifing skills, which was also the secret to beating him. Yes, for the first time in the game, the knife became the most reliable and potent weapon in Leon's arsenal, for it was Krauser's Achilles Heel. Once he went into super mode, the battle became a test of reflexes, requiring players to perform brutally fast QTEs in order to dodge his attacks.