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Best of 2009

Jeffsekai: Best of 2009

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  • When this first came out I was not sure how much I was going to play, 60 hours into it and I still want more. Amazing game.

  • This would be higher but honestly I have not had the time to play as much of it as I would like too. First play though was amazing tho. So much story and made me really care about the characters/the worl that the game takes place in. If you like RPG's you owe it to your self to play this game.

  • For a free to play game its amazingly fun and rewarding. Everyone should try it.

  • This isn't your daddy's halo. ODST came out with mixed reviews, but for me it was perfect the story is very well done, and despite what some may think I feel that they really build up the characters in a neat way that makes you actually care about them. The overall tone for the story is very depressing which adds to why I love it so much. To me its the first Halo game to be about more than just shooting dudes. The music in it is also some of the best in the Halo Series. And then of course we have Fire Fight which to me is 100x more enjoyable than anything like it.

  • This game is too much fun, blowing stuff up has never been so satisfying. The Multiplayer is also extremely well done

  • Great Story, not much to do after you finish with the main game tho.

  • Sleeper RPG of the year, very fun Diablo clone. I've logged over 100 hrs into this game make sure you pick this up if you like diablo.

  • I love Warhammer and I love Relic. Not much else needs to be said. haha