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Jessica Boo Today.

New hair do today! :) I went from dark burgundy purple, to red, to dark brown and im liking it. Better than my natural blonde YUK! Feels really nice, my fiancé spoiled me, but he said that he has to get his chance because once I'm living in Canada i would be the one spoiling him, must say, his quiet true in that lol. I'll be better as my treatments for some health issues i have should come to a closure hopefully, and well we have a wedding to plan and i have a visa to finalize. LIFE MOVES SO FAST! But is so awesome. 
What i loved of this year is that taking risks can be good, that moving on is good, and doing anything and everything you can for happiness and health is also marvelous. Just want to be here in Canada for good. Is going to pain me the moon and back when i have to return to England. I wish i didn't have to. Is like i almost deciding to go Venezuela instead. I have friends that care about me, a house to return too, and to be honest, i really missed home. Venezuela has been not only my birth place, but i've learnt so much of the strength i carry today there. But when i think about it, my talent, my experience and my knowledge wont get recognized over there. So England will be. 
Game news, well im trying to do a review for Scott Pilgrim but i have this OCD that i wont do it until i finish the game, so im stuck, the last boss is an ass. The game is good, dont get me wrong, BUT HARD!! even on the lowest difficulty, i really feel retarded, but is not lack of "talent for gaming" is just the game is really heavy combat, and extremely unforgiving.  
Battlefield Bad Company is been out for a while now, but i recently got the game, so i thought i might do a review on that, but yet again i do have to finish the game. I have to finish Mass Effect 2 also. I keep forgeting about that. But I played Mass Effect 1 then went onto Mass Effect 2 and me being new at the title was like woah, controls are different, MAJOR! so i kinda lost my groove, but i need to get it back.  
2011 to me only means one thing, Gears 3 and Guildwars2 oh baby im looking forward to that game! 
OK OK OK! im gonna go now! Good night people!