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JessicaBoo's mind this morning.

Simple and truly..... Ugh. That is my mind this morning.  
Is 10:39 am and i just basically watched the finale of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 . I watched it all in two days and well proud to see the Canadians dance crew Blueprint made it to the top two. Didn't win. But hey, after all it wouldn't have made any sense if they won it anyways. After all. They are not americans.  Ok no point going on with this as literally is not important.

Anyone? Want to help? Ok so I'll adventure to say that for a being on this site almost errr 5 months, I'm extremely new at being here. I find people extremely opinionated and super hard to please. Let's face it gaming is a whole wide world and there is so many different styles and so many plataforms that we've enjoyed playing through out all this years.  
What gets me is, sure give your opinion. But my dear friend only if you "play" the game. Get to know what others go through before saying. THIS GAME SUCKS. I feel that the site in many ways has brought a "argue about this game" posts instead of "lets talk about this game" posts and to be perfectly honest, it is just UGH! just like how I'm feeling right now. Ironic. 
To others gaming is a form of life, games rule them, they live and breathe playing games, is no other way they could survive, sad but true, there is a lot of people like that out there in the world. To me gaming is an expression and way to release a hard work day or just to pass time on a boring, lovely cold day like today. What I like about gaming is the pure fact is just something that blows the imagination, the sidelines of teamwork and well sometimes you meet pretty cool people. But in gaming there is no one else that can rule over it besides you. You find the way out of puzzles, you find the way out of dying, and you find the way to make "achievements" "trophies" "unlockables" happen. It has become something very intricate. And I enjoy it. 
You know what game I will never purchase but i actually enjoy watching the broadcast for on Starcraft II... Well I must say that the person that does the commentary is brilliant at keeping it interested. Yet just for the purpose of watching the game, not actually playing it. Like come on, im a chick. But i do not multi-task well. =D Just seems like a game i wouldn't enjoy very much. I played Battleforge and Dawn of War II and its so much going on around that i find it extremely complicated. I must say RTS games are ajust a big NO! for me. They are complicated. I wont stop trying them out or playing the ones that i have already. But Starcraft II will never be something i will purchase.  
Oh holy! Sorry. =D I got carried away. Ok this is it for now! Have a great day who ever reads my blogs!! :)  
Peace out!