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  • Best RTS still to this day. And, no, Warcraft 3 doesn't even come near it.

  • This game truly holds a special place in my heart because I picked it up after my family and I moved to another state and, due to the circumstances, the absolute only things that I had in my life for the ~8 months of my life that I lived there were my computer, my PS2, and SOCOM II. I'd play it every single day after school and all day on the weekends. It was my entire social life both in the game and on online communities. I later moved back and went back to a decently normal life, but S2 was my entire life for the period of time away from my present home.

  • Addicting and extremely balanced game. The achievements and unlockables make it a game to play again and again.

  • Great game while it lasted. Achievements added a bit of replay value, but not much. Not really a game that anyone could ever play again and again day after day, but it is a great game that does what it says it does brilliantly and perfectly. The comedy in the game is golden, as well, and is an instant classic.

  • Awesome fighting game.

  • When I had a PSP, this game was a great game. Kinda makes me wish I still had one.

  • Fuckin' loved this game.