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Escaping the Loop

Besides playing video games, I like to make things, like LEGO sets, videos and enemies. I recently listened to an episode of Radiolab about Loops.

I also recently went to the Texas State Fair this past weekend. Combining both these influences, I made this lil' diptych:

Now, I've been playing Rift lately, which (as you may know) is an MMO. MMO's do not necessarily mix with my obsessive personality as I tend to sink way too much time into them. When this happens I forsake my personal video projects as well as playing other games. With the fall releases already starting to trickle in, I'm at in a rough spot.

I get great satisfaction out of playing Rift. I'm currently in a guild that is progressing in some enjoyable raid content. This being my first endgame MMO, I'm trying to soak it up just for experience sake. BUT I also have an unimaginable amount of other games that I have not played or started playing or, in some cases, haven't even opened that I REALLY want to play as well. On top of this, I have about 3 personal animation and video projects that have been on the back burner for far too long.

All of this is blowing my mind right now. Finding a balance between all of these things is troublesome! I feel like I'm in my own personal series of loops. I'm stuck in a loop of playing one infinitely long game (much as I did with CoD and Counterstrike back in the day) and also in this repeating problem of trying to catch up on other games. Perhaps furthering my creative outlets should be more of a priority than playing games but virtual activities like killing zombies and saving the world are too much fun to pass up. You know how it is.

Ironically, being out of school finally solved zero time issues that I figured would disappear once I graduated. Granted, there are a million other problems that I am more than thankful I don't have currently but trying to prioritize between multiple passions is taking its toll.

Maybe I should just drop everything and move to Japan. After all, They have Takoyaki there.


Captured Once Again

I spent some money last week and picked up a Hauppauge HD PVR and I am really diggin' it. 
Recorded some Muramasa to test it out. The game has such a wonderful style. I finished up Kisuke's story last week and I'm just about to finish up Momohime's story.

I also went through the Brutal Legend demo and did a little commentary. I am totally in love with this game and am patiently awaiting the 13th of next month.
Spent most of the day Saturday just playing around with it. I'm hoping to get some MAG footage with the Endsights crew this week. Should be a little bit of fun!
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