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  • jimithing83 wrote a review of The Last of Us Part II Standard.

    I've always been apprehensive about talking about The Last of Us. While it was garnering critical and commercial acclaim, I was wondering what the big deal was. The gameplay is pretty poor, the story ...

  • jimithing83 posted a message in the forum topic My initial take on Super Mario Bros. Wonder is that it seems...wonderful. on the Super Mario Bros. Wonder board

    @bigsocrates: I've only played through the first world but I was sitting there with a big dumb smile plastered on my face the whole time. I agree with your assessments, I think this game is great and ...

  • jimithing83 posted a message in the forum topic Dordogne is the 14th selection of Year 2 of the UUGPGC! Finish by July 17, 2023! Spoilers Open!. on the Dordogne Forum board

    Beautiful presentation on this one. Really enjoyed the art, the music, the voice acting. The perfect length for a game with light complexity in the game mechanics.I felt the ending was a bummer and ma...

  • jimithing83 followed Steal My Sunshine .
  • jimithing83 posted a message on the post Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

    The tone of this video seems unnecessarily negative?It's three classic and beloved Mario games you can take anywhere with you for $60. I love all three and still think they are fun and great in 2020.I...

  • jimithing83 posted a message on the post Death Stranding Review.

    This is an excellently written review. Appreciate the author pulls no punches as well.