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The Stockpile Is Empty. The End of a Wonderful Franchise 1

It seems the concept art is much better than what actually ends up in the game. Too bad.Where to begin... I will start by saying that never in all my years playing RTSs have I been as dissappointed at the state at which a game was released as I was with Stronghold 3. I dont usually complain if I hastily buy a game that turns out to not meet my expectations. What has clearly been the scam of a lifetime, for fans of the Stronghold franchise, can only be summed up as "clearly unfinished." The backl...

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Blood thirsty criminals, whores, and gunslingers. 0

                  Red Dead Redemption is a open world,3rd person, action adventure with its protagonist, John Marston, seeking to free his family from corrupt government agents by tracking down a ruthless outlaw and either capture or killing him and his gang. We start the game in the semi modern town of Blackwater with the simple task of meeting an oldtimer named Jake who has been tasked by Blackwater to be your guide. Here you will be introduced to the riding your horse tutorial as you accompan...

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