Hey Joe, where you going with that game in your hand? #3

Sooooo since my last post nothing of particular interest has occurred in my gaming life. Games have gone in and out of my consoles more often than a piranha plant on speed (BOOM) I'm starting to feel that looking for stuff to play is taking up more time than actually playing games. I can envision a dark nightmare where I spend my life desperately scouring game store shelves and online marketplaces to find anything that peeks my interest, gradually aging more and more until one day I throw in Barbie Horse Adventure, due largely to a mix of old age intoxication and panic, before ending my life in a hail of bullets. 

Now this is obviously on over exaggeration, amazingly I don't own a copy of Barbie Horse Adventure, but I was seriously considering naming this post something along the lines of "Hey Joe, why isn't there a game in your hand?".  In some ways I have appreciated not finding a particularly exciting game of late. The weather here has been real nice recently and I'm no longer one too pass up a lovely spring day for a marathon gaming session in a dark, slightly odd smelling room. I have been in the past but I learnt the error of my ways big time. Gaming is something I adore but, not to sound like a dick, everything in moderation. 

Even though I've said all this crap I have played a tiny amount of stuff here and there. I did play a bit more Persona 3 Portable but I'm afraid to say that my ridiculously short attention span has gotten the better of me yet again and I'm rapidly losing interest. My PSP is now lying behind my drum kit for some reason but I'm sure I'll pick it up when the next big PSP release rolls around...oh...wait. I'm kind of still playing Fallout 3, emphasis on kind of. I think I need to find a game with 2 specific criteria. One, it needs to be something that can be played whilst listening to a podcast. A good example which I might check out is Dynasty Warriors 7, just simple idiotic destruction. Two, ideally it's low investment. For this reason I have predominantly been playing Fifa 11 this week because I can throw it in for 10 mins and get instant gratification.

I realize this was a pretty inane blog post but thats just a reflection of my current gaming situation. Maybe I'll just go back to my Iain M. Banks novels until a new game falls out of the sky.