Hold on a second!

So I went on a merry little trip to my nearest HMV today with the purpose of trading in Portal 2 and Pokemon: White. And this I did. Got about £35 pounds for Portal and £20 for Pokemon both of which I think are fare deals, especially Portal. What did I get? Well thats were this blog post title might start to make sense. The games I got were Fallout: New Vegas, Singularity and Bioshock 2. Now these are three competent games based on both review scores and my own personal opinion (I already played Fallout). However only when I got home did I realized that I had purchased 3 very similar games. Now obviously they have their differences especially Fallout which sets itself apart due to its open world aesthetic and RPG mechanics but still they are all at their core atmospheric First Person Shooters that take place after a cataclysmic event has occurred. I'm gonna try and play them all in sequence starting with Singularity before moving onto Bioshock then Fallout. Having only clocked in about an hour of Singularity its obviously still early days but two things have already jumped out at me. One this game looks very nice (surprisingly so) and two its basically Bioshock: Russia (but with a backwards R obviously) Obviously buying three games at once like this is an obvious reflection of my current boredom but each one I picked up seems reliable and thats something quite reassuring.