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Solid State Gamer Review: Journey to Silius [NES] 0

Game Title: Journey to SiliusRelease Date: 1990Developer: SunsoftPlatform: Nintendo Entertainment SystemGenre/Type: run and gun, platformer  Game Rating: [V/V]  Journey to Silius is a fantastic culmination of challenging run and gun and platform game play, immense difficulty, a well varied arsenal, as well as a stellar soundtrack. This game is simply greater than the sum of its parts. Journey to Silius is very interesting, yet obscure run and gun game. Developed and published by Sunsoft, the ...

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Solid State Game Review: Balloon Fight (NES) 2

Game Title: Balloon FightRelease Date: 1985Developer: NintendoPlatform: Nintendo Entertainment SystemGenre/Type: Arcade Style 2D Platformer Game Rating: [IV/V] While the game play might entirely original, Balloon Fight clearly makes up for it with solid game play, challenging levels, as well as charm. Balloon Fight is an odd, yet fascinating game. It uses some core game play features as well as some modes from previous games. The aesthetic qualities are original, but on the simple side. With the...

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Solid State Game Review: Kid Icarus (NES) 1

Game Title: Kid IcarusRelease Date: December 1987Developer: Nintendo (Gunpei Yokoi)Platform: Nintendo Entertainment SystemGenre/Type: 2D Platform Vertical Scrolling Adventure Game Rating: [III/V] While this game has a some ambitious ideas along with a fantastic soundtrack, Kid Icarus ultimately suffers from various technical problems. Kid Icarus is an interesting game primarily because of what it tries to achieve. It definitely takes a cue from three iconic games. In the game, an angel by the na...

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Solid State Game Review: Bionic Commando (NES) 0

Game Title: Bionic CommandoRelease Date: December 1988Developer: CapcomGenre/Type: 2D PlatformerGame Rating: [V/V][Editor's Choice] This is by far the most revolutionary platforming game to ever come out… With the advent of the Nintendo Entertainment System, many third party developers flocked to it for it’s relatively large install base. However, finding that this console is technologically limited, developers toiled in the effort of squeezing every little bit of performance out of the popular...

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Solid State Gamer Review: Saboteur! (SPECTRUM) 0

Game Title: Saboteur!Release Date: 1985Developer: Clive Townsend (through Durell Software)Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum With proven platform conventions along with some refreshing innovations, it stands one best example of what great platform adventures should be like and what the Spectrum is capable of… In the mid 80’s the introduction of new game consoles into the video game market expanded the focus of publishers and developers. Even so, home computers still had a place in the video game sp...

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Solid State Game Review: Super Mario Land (NGB) 0

Game Title: Super Mario LandRelease Date: 1989Developer: Nintendo (Gunpei Yokoi)Platform: Nintendo Game BoyGenre/Type: 2D Platform Game Rating: [III/V] While Super Mario Land has some good ideas and has some originality, it barely meets the standard for a platform (or a Mario) game and doesn’t necessarily break new ground with it… With Nintendo pushing the concept of a portable game system with interchangeable software, the Game Boy has been aching that can define it as a viable platform. This i...

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Solid State Gamer Review: Hang On (SMS) 1

Game Title: Hang OnRelease Date: 1985Developer: Sega (Yu Suzuki)Platform: Sega Master SystemGenre/Type: Motorcycle RacingGame Rating: [IV/V] The winning combination of appealing aesthetics and solid game play make this game a great experience overall… Sega made the move to try and make the dream of the arcade at home experience come true. Their was a considerable number of arcade game conversions made exclusively to the master system as well as other home platforms. The success of these conversi...

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