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GOTY 2012

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  • HOLY SHIT. Everything you do in this games makes you feel completely awful, and yet I want more.

  • Easily my biggest surprise of this year. The gameplay is fantastic, the art is gorgeous, and the story has an incredible amount of heart.

  • Goddamn, the story that Spec Ops tells is an amazing tale of how far a man is willing to go.

  • Man, what a Journey indeed.

  • Man, this game pissed me off so much, but I couldn't stop playing. Those late levels were some of the most brutal things I've done.

  • Fuck some of the late game enemies in this game.

  • The story may fall apart, but roaming the island is such a satisfying experience unlike anything else this year.

  • 343 set out to make a Halo game, and that's exactly what they did. While the story had its ups and downs, everything else was extremely tight.

  • Aside from Bioware completely fucking up the final game, it was a fantastic ride. The character pieces were an amazing send off.

  • The soundtrack, visuals, and gameplay made a great package.

  • If the loot drops weren't so low in this game it might have been higher up, but the late game is such a grind. As such, it just barely misses out.

  • As someone who hates any and all sim racing games, this game hits that sweet spot between sim and arcade.