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Pokepuns list

For my personal reference, but pokepuns are for everyone. Most of these have been around but id like a big list of em (perhaps to use in the future)

1. Why? Wynaut?

2. Im not gonna raichu a love song, because you Ash'd Furret,because you nidoran

3. The boys arbok in town.

4. I want to go to the Zubat I can't

5. I wanna rhydon a mudbray

6. Id love to go to Paras?

7. Are you koffing? Yes I'm weezing

8. Kakuna Rattata, it means no worry.

9. Just mankeying around.

10. Stop throwing a tyrantrum!

11. Weedle make you high.

12. See you later, feraligatr! In a while, krookodile

13. These pokepuns are absol-utely awful, but I bet you did have a shuckle

14. that was Onix-pected.

15. A little oddish, even.

16. Can I borrow your scizors?

17. Please cubchew with your meowth closed

18. And make sure to cubchew before you swellow

19. You wanna go to the north pole to play some articuno?

20. Did you slakoth at work today?

21. Make sure to preorder your fallout special edition so you can get your piplup

22. I can't bayleef anyone prefers their toast butterfree

23. Magikarp-et

24. Mew-sic, A-mew-sing

25. Let me take azelf-ie first

26. Are you an Until Donphan?

27. do you guy-swanna see the new pokemon movie?

28. There's no shaymin finishing second place

29. I'm very heracross with you right now

30. Can i axew you to check out my pokepuns?

31. Natu shabby, eh?

32. How would you like to pay today? I'll pay whiscash!

33. Spheal with it.

34. Drinks aron me.

35. GSP is machamp

36.I'm seaking new pokepuns, but most of them are too farfetch'd, i relicanth accept them

37. I need to sharpen my knife, ive got a really doublade

38. There are too many pokepuns to remember, gotta make sure i rotom down so i will re-emboar them later.

39. Ex-Egg-Cute-able :belair:

40. It's real litten here.

41. Audino if i can think of any more pokemons.

42. Ekan see if you're starting to get tired of these

43. Do you like machoke-r?

44. Someone broke my window sandslash-ed my tires

45. Ryu said "It's 420. Lets blaziken"

46. I love tactical espeon-age action

47. How fresh is splatoon, on a scale from tentacool

48. You're not wearing abra? Don't worry, I won't pikachu.

49. These puns are starting to run a-muk

50. Had to run to a shellder. The mudkip getting on my shoes

51. Do you enjoy Diancie-ing? I'm gastly at it.

52. Really looking forward to the new Banette-a game

53. You got pizza? I want some pi-xatu!

54. Thats one lileep for man, one large step for mantine-d

55. What a real hoothoot!

56. whats Happiny-ng right now?

57. Been real busy with work right now. But i think azurill-y would help me take my mind off things

58. You're a pig whether you're mam-o-swine!

59. Make sure to not get that beartic-ed off! It'll pichu, and leave you noctowl-t! Be-Wear that bear!

60. She didn't make the cut? That snubb-ull really haunter

61. Im writing a play. It's gonna staryu and starmie. you're gonna be a tyrunt, and i magby playing you're archen-emy.

62. Egypt is famous for shinx am-pharos

63. I care for a hot dog but a bergmite be nice.

64. I cant believe Tony Parker isn't e-spurr anymore!

65. I think i fraxure-d my cubone.

66. Ex-Duosion!

67. Th-emolga-t in your house huh?

You want Pokemon puns? Alright, you ashed Furret. Prepare to be a-Mew-sed, my puns will Absol-utely make you Shuckle. I'm gonna Raichu every single Pokepun I can think of. Cos Wynaut? But, come to think of it, Audino if I can Zubat... That's gonna be a lot of puns. Yea, I give up, I Relicanth do it.

(Work in progress)