Cosplay Update! Terra Branford of Final Fantasy III (or 6. or 3.)

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She was on my list for years and years, and as soon as Kevin mentioned how much he loved Edgar's character, we dove into making these costumes. It wasn't hard for me to fall in love with Terra's character with as diplomatic as she is. I particularly enjoyed when she stood up for herself and watched over the orphans when she was tired of being pressured into decisions.

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I bent wire and made jewelry, dyed fabrics and leather, and even stamped leather. It was a medley of new skills being put to the test, but anything for my favorite Final Fantasy protagonist. My favorite part of the costume, however, is the wig. Ever since Dissidia came out, almost all Terra cosplayers now use ash blonde wigs to follow suit with that design, but Terra will always have seafoam hair for me like the original sprite. I styled the bangs up in a cartoonish style like the menu icon and blasted it into place with Got2B hairspray glue. FYI, if you ever need to spike your hair and need crazy good hold, that's the stuff to use.

Sometimes I like to replay games while I make costumes, and such was the case for FF6. I started to get ideas for a comedy cosplay skit and jotted down a couple of jokes. I ran them by Kevin and we decided to go for it. Here is the result of our efforts: King Edgar's Final Fantasy "tactics."

Written by myself, myself as Terra, Kevin as Edgar, Sam as Ultros.