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@mento If you have any specific questions about the game mechanics wise feel free to ask, I have been playing the backer beta since it existed and have been pretty involved with the game it's entire kickstarter. One thing I will caution you is even on easy the game is not easy. Some encounters will straight up roll you if you aren't seriously prepared and playing well. Surprisingly the game doesn't get that much harder on higher difficulty, most of the time just one mob more is there, or the position of the mobs has changed slightly. Most of the "hard fights" in the game are going to be a real challenge no matter what difficulty you play on. In fact a recent bounty mission I won't name has wiped me more times than any Bloodborne boss has so far. I was probably slightly underpowered for it but meh.

Just to give you an idea I am also playing on normal. On an unnamed level of Od Nua I just fought 3 trolls, two black ooze's, and 3 stone beetles as one encounter. So protip out there to BG pro's.... Don't be expecting to solo this game, I am quickly getting the feeling it isn't possible without some serious bug abuse.

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@haniball said:

@karkarov: When you guys say stun, do you mean proper stun or interrupt an attack animation? Like in Ninja Gaiden I throw a shuriken at a caster. In that case why would you have to time it like a parry? Or proper stun like I stun the first sentinel in power stance. But again, wait for opening, hit r2, stun. No timing. Or an honest parry like you would a black knight?

All very confusing. I wish there was a demo.

And yea, the limited playstyles sounds un souls-like.

Basically in Bloodborne there is no "parry". What you do is "stun" enemies which leave them open and you can do a massive power attack that looks like you chest punching them and tearing their heart out ala indiana jones and the temple of doom. Either that or you are giving them an anal probe if you do it from behind. I really need to make a gif of doing it to that giant boar in the ass....

So basically it works like this. If an enemy is attacking you and you shoot them with your gun at the right moment it cancels the attack and stuns them. Just like a parry would in the previous souls games. Also there is no backstab anymore.... HOWEVER! If you do a fully charged r2 hit on an enemy from behind it will also stun them and then you can do the power attack from behind them.

Many enemies in the game (notably a lot of bosses) basically laugh at your damage unless you are stunning them and getting in power attacks. In the old games this kind of play was something you could do if you wanted, in this game it is basically mandatory.

Also the roots is the King's Field man.... King's Field!!!

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@haniball: I am not struggling, the problem is that the game removed all choice and left you with only one playstyle. I never liked parrying in the other games, I always played slow, methodical, and defensive as you know. Simply put.... you can't play that way in bloodborne. You have to be always moving, almost always on the attack, and almost every boss is pure hell unless you master the timing of stunning them with a gun, which I am not good at cause I never liked doing it to begin with. Sadly this time it is either that, or just be so damn good you never get hit. Too bad bosses have greater reach and speed than you do ;p

@humanity said:

Camera seems worse than ever and they stripped out specific bodypart targetting that was introduced in DS2. When fighting bosses twice as tall as you it was handy to be able to target their legs so the camera wouldn't pan awkwardly up to the center body mass

Correction. They have not taken that out, it just only applies to certain bosses. There is one boss for example I repeatedly hit them in this one stop on their knee and after taking so many hits to it the bosses knee "broke" and the boss lost like literally 30% of their health from it. So it is still there, just very rare.

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Yeah this game is as single player as it gets, if it is flagged as having co op in the wiki it is a mistake.

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The bosses are consistently cheaper and harder. It is like every fight is versus smelter demon and flamelurker only they now have crap tons of HP bloat. Strangely the levels themselves have posed little to no challenge to me which is kind of the opposite of how it was in Demon's Souls where normally the level was the challenge then the boss would be fairly easy to defeat once understood.

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@nasar7 said:

Hammond and May have stated that they won't do the show without him. So a better question is, what three people would you like to see host Top Gear?

Yeah people don't get it. Those three guys are not dudes who happen to work together, they are straight up best friends. Without Clarkson you have no Hammond or May. Without the three of them there is no such thing as Top Gear, they literally were the show. Don't believe me? Try watching any other version of Top Gear and see how many episodes it takes you to lose interest. I am betting it won't be very many. The only group that even comes close is the Aulstralia guys and even they are just trying to be Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

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@demoskinos said:

I think that its a pretty solid game but I vastly prefer DarkSouls II over this. The diversity in DSII was far greater then anything that Bloodborne has to offer.

People ragged on DS2 but this game every single boss seems to be "giant creature with insanely huge arc attacks that moves way faster than they have any right to that has a metric ass ton of HP". I have fought like 5-6 bosses to this point and every single one of them except one maybe two of them could be described that way. I don't dislike the game so far but I think they drank the kool aid a little too much this time. If I had to "rate" the souls games from best to worst right now this one would be on the bottom, and I actually am not a huge fan of DkS1.

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@nophilip said:

Or you can just save up something like 5k blood echoes and buy the set from the shop in the Hunter's Dream. It's dramatically better than your starting armor, and a bit better than the set that you mentioned.

Not true. The buyable set has better "status effect" resistances but is lower defense versus most attack types. I have gotten pretty far in the game and found like 5-6 armor sets by now and they are all fairly sidegradey and none of them are clearly "better" than the others in an overall general sense.

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@fredchuckdave said:


So I just died in a new area and woke up at a bonfire which I had just been at and turns out there's suddenly a badass NPC there (meaning right at the bonfire) ready to kick my ass, then another buddy shows up and helps out and it ends tragically; naturally I must slay this newfound opponent... but I have to grind out a bunch of healing items first yay.

Was that Old Yharnam? The guy doing the one thing there is annoying as hell, and a tough fight besides. Wait no you have already been there. Guess I haven't been there yet but it is hard to tell since the whole city does look the same.

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I would say your discussion of the bosses is reversed. If you aren't REALLY good at the gun timing any hunter like enemy is seriously dangerous and strong. Meanwhile the other boss you combared to vanguard is a total joke and just required either oil urn+molotovs or circle strafing to their rear. I suspect a lot of it is weapon choice. I feel like I gimped myself but not using the axe, and still not using it ;p.