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I think it is safe to say that I love RPG's and puzzle/adventure games.  You pretty much won't find me playing anything else, especially since they don't interest me. I will watch someone else play shooters and survival horrors though.
I think my very first game was possibly Pong, that or something Colecovision or Atari wise. My first PC game was Leisure Suit Larry. Creepily enough, at 16, I played it with my dad. Trying to think of words for condom with my dad was really funny and I think even to this day gaming brought us closer together than my mom and I ever could be. 
My first console game was Phantasy Star and my first handheld game was Ecco the Dolphin. Nothing was better than that Gamegear running through batteries.
Now I'll play a game on whatever we can get our hands on. We pretty much have everything here that's current and I honestly do not have a favourite I like to play on. Well maybe not the xbox as much, but that is because the controller is too big for my hands. It hurts after awhile.