My Favorite Bombcast Quotes

...because I stopped doing the Quotes of the Indeterminate Time Period and I need to post a blog for a quest.
 "Leaving the house, man... why bother?" - Jeff, February 18, 2008
"Coconuts are worth more than human life!" - Jeff, February 24, 2008
"Great. Handheld sex minigames." "Yeah, I bet you're real familiar with those, aren't you, Jeff? Hahahaha, BURNT!" - Jeff and Ryan, February 24, 2008
"I sure do dig Doug." "Me too, man, that guy can party. One time, man, we went out... Damn. Woke up in jail." - Ryan and Jeff, March 18, 2008
"You don't like his stupid face?" "I don't like his stupid face! It's weird, flat, I don't know, something. I just don't like dude's face... You don't like dude's face, right?" "His face sucks." "His face totally sucks. You heard it here." - Ryan, Jeff, Josh, and Jeff again, April 8, 2008
"Lasers are better than loincloths." - Jeff, April 8, 2008
"You phony cyberpunk Doug Copeland-looking motherfuckers." - Jeff, April 15, 2008
"Oops, the Internet!" - Vinny, June 17, 2008
"Son of a beesting!" - Ryan, July 14, 2008
"Lights all the way up the shaft, just like that operation I got." - Jeff, July 14, 2008
"I'm six foot three! Milk is okay!" - Jeff, August 5, 2008
"Better tip: Don't milk a hippie." - Ryan, August 5, 2008
"It's extremely... mind... enticing?" - Vinny, August 12, 2008
"You know what's not the new sweat? Hitler." - Ryan, August 12, 2008
"I was in Canada. You guys are assholes." - Vinny, October 12, 2008
"I couldn't concentrate because Ben Judd was naked." - Vinny, October 12, 2008
"It tastes like genocide!" - Jeff, October 12, 2008
"I'll bet, you know, whatever it is to dollars, apples to dollars, whatever the saying is." "That's the saying. Yep. That's the one." "Dollars to donuts?" "No, nope. Apples to dollars. That's the one." "But I like donuts." "I like donuts, too, so don't get them bogged down in this terrible phrase." "So I will bet apples to donuts, that..." "Apples to rupees!" "..that this is the middle game." "Zeny to cobras!" "Kool-Aid to lederhosen." - Vinny, Jeff, Brad, Jeff again, Brad again, more Jeff, Vinny once more, finally Ryan, yet more Vinny, Jeff again, aaaaaaaand Brad, November 4, 2008
"Well, that was a phenomenal waste of everyone's time." - Ryan, November 18, 2008
"B. Y. O. Tube" - Vinny, November 18, 2008
"The Wii Speak - or, as I like to call it, the Wiik..." - Jeff, November 18, 2008
"It's always such a love-in with you, Vinny." - Brad, December 9, 2008
"This tastes like every other fucking thing we've had on this podcast." - Vinny, December 16, 2008
"I want a witty sidekick." "You're not even talking about games anymore." - Dave and Jeff, January 6, 2009
"I'm not gonna lie... I feel kind of stoned." - Ryan, January 13, 2009
"I got class coming out of my butthole!" - Alex, March 26, 2009
"That's H1N1-derful!" "This podcast is over." - Jeff and Ryan, May 5, 2009
"Dude, are you dumb? Are you dumb in the face?" - Ryan, May 5, 2009
"It's like getting raped in the mouth by Hitler." - Ryan, May 26, 2009
"Like the Sun. Like if the Sun was a dick." - Ryan, June 30, 2009
"I'm gonna run up my block wearing nothing BUT the night-vision goggles!" - Jeff, July 21, 2009
"Express is actually Latin for 'bullshit'" - Jeff, August 18, 2009
"Seattle is actually Spanish for 'taco'." - Ryan, August 25, 2009