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    No one may ever see this but the Quarians and Geth are kinda Israelis and Palestinians huh? I guess the Quarians are the Palestinians since they lost their homeland to an invasion. There's more to it...

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    @bloody_skirmish said:@lemmox: FemShep having boobs, them being nice, and seeing them sometimes without pearl clutching.Three months too late, but just to say: I feel like you're conflating the notio...

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    Thank you much for the shout out for a review for a game I didn't think anyone was still paying attention to! Means a lot!

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    Spider-Man presents great characters and movement in a problematic world

    Before I start, read this article because it better lays out this argument with full research and facts. This game was $20 during the recent sale, and I finally gave in to my intrigue and jumped in.Ju...

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