Tokyo Game Show 2011 - Day 1

Before you read

Once again it is that time of the year; Japan is holding its annual Tokyo Game Show. This year it is being held in the convention center Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo. Press days are the 15 and 16 while the 17 and 18 are open to the public. This blog is here to highlight what I think is the most exciting news from each day; hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. This is also posted on my podcast website Three Nerds in a Basement.

Tokyo Jungle

I’ve always been told to never start a show with a show stopper but I just can’t follow that rule with Tokyo Jungle. Right now I have no clue what this game is even about but it depicts a Tokyo that has been taken over by every animal you could think of. The city is covered in plant life and has become a haven for animals to live, fight, or even from the brief clips of those dogs, get it on.

The trailer shows a couple playable animals that range from baby chicks to pandas, and their either fighting or running away from danger. I wish I knew more about this game I know that the chance of it coming over to North America is pretty slim, so the best thing you can do is be amazed by the trailers below.

Dead or Alive 5

With as many fighting games as there are coming out it is not a surprise that Team Ninja is bringing back their fighting franchise. The 3D fighter seems to have more of a cinematic feel from the debut trailer. Hayate and Ryu Hyabusa are in battle on top of an under construction skyscraper. Lots of camera movement keeps the focus of the most interesting part of the stage, this could just be part of the Alpha trailer flourish but it makes the fights look really nice.

Ryu has some new moves in the form of a teleport to get across the screen, let’s just hope it’s not the MK9 mechanic of everyone having some sort of teleport move. DOAs staple multi-tiered stages were not shown in the trailer but only in sound form of what sounds like Ryu falling off the building. Also Hayate performs some sort of super move during the match; this could mean DOA is bringing super bars to its franchise.

Max Payne 3

One of the weirdest places to announce a gritty, American made, third person shooter would be TGS in my eyes. And Rockstar threw that thought to the wind and announced their new entry into the Max Payne series. The gritty cop is back with a whole new look, and it’s starting to have the whole DMC backlash of people saying “OMG IT’S NOT THE ORIGINAL” or “OMG CHANGE DON’T WANT”.

Personally I like the new change; if it was the same character model again it would have seemed very played and like Rockstar is just pandering to the 5 people that still remembered Max Payne. The trailer doesn’t show any sort of gameplay but the new story grabbed me enough to want to see more on this game.

Monster Hunter 4

The big new for Japan is the release of a new Monster Hunter game obviously titled Monster Hunter 4. The game was shown off at the Nintendo press conference a couple days ago and showed a lot of new elements to the game play. There was a lot of platforming but also new features like being able to fight while climbing up walls and also being able to land on the dragons for some good damage.

The other big news surrounding this title is the fact that it has not been announced for any other platforms other than the 3DS. This is big because the previous Monster Hunter games have been predominantly on the PSP handheld. It is still not known if the game will be a Nintendo exclusive but this could be a big grab for Nintendo if it is.

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