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  • koolaid posted a message in the forum topic Thoughts on Twelve Minutes?. on the 12 Minutes board

    I really liked it! I want to dive in and discover the secrets but it does get repetitive. I'm surprised so many people don't like it. Though I can understand why the endgame can be pretty divisive,...

  • koolaid posted a message in the forum topic The "Can't remember the name of this game" Thread v3.0. on the General Discussion board

    Trying to remember a game... but I got no gameplay, only a controversy! There was a game (it might not even be out yet) that caught flak because you would not be able to customize your character. The...

  • koolaid posted a message on the post WWE 2K20.

    I love how we are debating if Hogan should be in the video game or not (for historical purposes I guess...?) when he's back on TV and PPVs now without even a hint of a mea culpa.