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#1 Posted by l3monade (24 posts) -

Hey gang,

First off I need to say a big thank you to the GB community for the support over the last 6-7 months. People here have given me a ton of great feedback on Dpadd and it's made the site so much better.

Now that that's out of the way. I wanted to invite anyone and everyone to come and check out the site. We've been in private, invite-only beta for 7 months now but I'm ready to open the doors to any and all gamers. Here's a brief overview of what you can do with Dpadd:

  • Create a gaming journal to record what you play
  • Rate and review titles
  • Manage a "To Play" list to keep track of all the games you want to play
  • Follow and share all these updates with friends, industry professionals and journalists.
  • Set up a single profile with your Steam, Xbox Live, PSN and Twitch accounts
  • Browse and discover games.
  • Much more

While Dpadd is now out of private beta, my primary goal is still hearing what you like and don't like about the site. I want to make the best place for gamers to record everything they want with regards to what they play and want to play. Any thoughts, feedback, etc would be great.

Get started now: http://dpadd.com

Below are a few screenshots. Post any questions right here :)

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#2 Posted by l3monade (24 posts) -

Hey folks!

I'm working on a number of features, refinements and bug fixes for dpadd as I prepare to move into public beta some time in the next few months. At this point I could really use some help getting a few more eyeballs on the site. Historically the best, most constructive feedback I've received was from GB users so I'm reaching out again to get your thoughts and opinions. We're still in private beta but I'll be accepting everyone who signs up from the homepage for the next 48+ hours. If you sign up today you should receive an update within 30 mins.

If this is your first time hearing about dpadd you can check out the site HERE or watch a quick intro video below:

Loading Video...

For those who like to read, here's a list of some of the main features of the site:

With dpadd you can:

-Record the games you're playing

-Keep a list of games you want to play

-Browse and Discover Games

-Rate and review games

-Add links to your gaming profiles (xbox live, PSN, Steam) to your dpadd profile

-Post your Twitch streams to your followers while you're playing

You can find the site here: http://dpadd.com

Any thoughts, comments, ideas or concerns would be appreciated. Feel free to post thoughts in the thread here or via any of the contact links at the bottom of the site.

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#3 Edited by l3monade (24 posts) -

I was in touch with GB/CBS a few months ago regarding commercial API use for dpadd. The answer in it's simplest form was: "what you're doing is cool but it's not worth it for CBS to pay lawyers to draw up agreements until you are big enough that they can't ignore you".

So... build something awesome, get tons of users and then you can work out an agreement for commercial use. Until then, no projects with ads, subscriptions, fees, amazon affiliate links, etc. If that's not something you're comfortable when then it's probably best to look for another API. Unfortunately, there are none better IMO.

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#4 Edited by l3monade (24 posts) -

@djou: Thank you so much. I love letterboxd, being compared is a great compliment. Looking at your feature requests now, I'll digest and figure out how they fit into the queue. Thanks again!

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#5 Edited by l3monade (24 posts) -

Hello folks,

Some of you may have received an email last night about some big updates to dpadd but I wanted to share it with you here as I've had the most high quality feedback from giantbomb users. I'm hoping some of you will check out the changes and help me through the next batch of feedback. You can learn a little about what I'm planning and add your own ideas here.

Here's what's new:

New type of update: Playing

Until today you were only able to share games that you've "played" to your game journal. You can now share the game you are currently playing.


We've added notifications to the site. Now you can instantly see when you get a new follower or when someone comments on one of your updates.

Game Tooltip

Ok, this one has been around for about a week now, but we love it so much we wanted to share it with you directly. You can now mark game as 'played', 'want to play' or rate it just by hovering over the game art on any page.

Several other updates, tweaks and bug fixes

We've fixed a ton of bugs and made lots of other changes all thanks to your great feedback.

Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming!


Clayton (L3monade)

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#6 Posted by l3monade (24 posts) -

@chibithor: Great timing! I just (like literally 2 minutes ago) deployed a major search update. Typing "Heart of the Swarm" should now find the right game. No more autocomplete garbage :)

Thanks for the thoughts, let me know if you run across anything else thats janky.

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#7 Edited by l3monade (24 posts) -

@reckless_x: Yeah, I think so :( really sorry about that. Really unfortunate bug that occurred right before I launched.

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#8 Posted by l3monade (24 posts) -

@reckless_x: Heya, are you experiencing this on new reviews or just old ones (from yesterday and earlier)?

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#9 Posted by l3monade (24 posts) -

@pudge: Good thought. Integrating console/steam APIs is definitely on my radar but will definitely be a large scale endeavour. Xbox live doesn't even have an official API, you have to do some seriously hacky stuff to make it work. I agree though, it will be important for this thing to really fly. I do want to avoid is the insane 'raptr-style' auto update stuff, I think there's a more elegant solution that's yet to be found :)

Let me know if you have any other thoughts.

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#10 Posted by l3monade (24 posts) -

@likeassur: Great point. It's in the queue to fix ASAP. I'll probably do box art and release year.

Thanks for checking out the site, keep the feedback coming!

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