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How I know I have been doing too much skinning in Red Dead

I have been doing way too many ambient challenges in Red Dead Redemption.  I'm currently on the quest that asks you to gather 5 skunk, fox and most importantly Racoon pelts.   Those little buggers are totally impossible for me find (I have not looked at maps online yet).  Galloping across the vast world, scouring for any sign of life in the desert and every varmit I kill are not the Racoons I require. 
 So I was driving back to my house today and what is that on the side for the road?  A lifeless racoon! My brain immediately only thinks of 1 thing, jump off my horse(car) and slice it up like fresh Sushi for the pelt my master(red dead's ambient challenges) tells me to collect.    As I come back to reality, realizing a break from Red dead is probably needed and continue listening to Doug Loves Movies.
I had been up till 4 am playing it last night, but I dont think has anything to do with this, right?


Not enough time in a day

I just wish I could train my body to live on 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  I can start this but always end up passing out early after a couple nights of this.