Landon's Games of the Year 2018

Man, I really didn't play all that much this year (I didn't play God of War because Kratos is an insufferable shithead and I haven't played Hitman 2 because I just haven't gotten to it yet. Shame on me.) but I think I can scrap together 10 different games... maybe (even though some of them were on my list last year too).

List items

  • With the Forsaken expansion in September this year, Bungie REALLY corrected the few issued I had with Vanilla Destiny 2 to make a game that's every bit as good as Destiny 1 at it's best.

  • Spider-Man kind of surprised me this year. I figured it'd end up being pretty good just based on who was making it, but I didn't expect to care for the characters and story as much as I did.

  • Forza Horizon 4 continues the grand tradition of Forza Horizon games being REALLY REALLY good. The addition of the seasons system ends up being more engaging than I expected.

  • Black Ops IIII has maybe my favorite Battle Royale mode of the year. It's fast paced but you can still hold your own, even when seemingly outnumbered.

  • While I DEFINITELY didn't play nearly as much PUBG as I did last year, I still racked up almost 200 hours in it thanks to a steady stream of new maps and guns from the developers. This is still the superior Battle Royale experience, in my opinion.

  • While I have some SERIOUS problems with the overall feel and responsiveness of the gameplay itself, there's no denying that Rockstar knows how to build a world and fill it with enjoyable and relatable characters.

  • Dead Cells FINALLY came out this year and has a shit ton of polish to show. It's got such a satisfying and engaging Roguelike loop that remains challenging every single run.

  • Sea of Thieves isn't a great game by any stretch but Rare has struck some pretty interesting ideas here that are really compelling and fun. I can't wait to see what they do moving forward.

  • This game died too early on account of CliffyB being a dumb idiot.

  • I know this didn't come out this year but I played it a lot and the Giant Bomb server has a dubstep remix of the X-Files theme so really it earned it's spot.