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Ghosts Instead of Doves 0

As if they didn't already make it clear with the name, F.E.A.R. obviously sets out to be a horror game, what with the ghosts, corpses lying around everywhere, and hallways with pools of blood for ceilings. Plus the opening cutscene is a fairly well directed 90 seconds with little girls with no eyes walking thru fire at Dutch angles. It's an early sign that this game might actually be able to pull off horror, even if it's going to be obtuse about it.EXCEPT this is a game created in the post-Half-...

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Older, but not Wiser. 0

The game asks me if I’m ready. I’m not sure if I am. The first time I entered the Chemical Plant Zone, I was a child, playing on a cousin’s Genesis. I was blown away. It was weird, there was unexplained floating platforms, unused catwalks, pink water, and a mutant following me the entire time. But it didn’t have to make sense to me, because it made sense to itself. It was a level in a game that knew who it was, knew what it wanted to be, and did it’s damnedest to be just that.I’m still bathing i...

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The blossom's beauty is not foreshadowed by the seed 0

In short, Ōkami is a nearly perfect 20 hour game that happens to be 40 hours long. Tons of weapons, abilities, and collectibles populate the already beautiful and expansive world of the game. On top of that, combat sequences are quick and each enemy offers a unique challenge. Impressive boss battles nicely magnify both the challenge and scale of the creatures you're fighting. Unfortunately the entire game is undercut by a terrible sense of pacing. No matter how much good content exists in the ga...

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