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Huh. 0

Ok, So I was kind of looking forward to this game. Hoping it would have some similarities to the last. However, Totally different. After playing this game through, I realized that I kind of wasted my time on it. There are some parts of it I liked. But, Eventually I just couldn't do it anymore. Then also, I noticed then I started playing what was called Fucking Run. Okay. I'm sorry, I don't understand whats so intense about running from a cloud of death. Maybe its just me. But its not something I...

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Crazed 1

Finally, A zombie game that is Free Roam. Love this game. I love how you can customize weapons by using Mods.  However, Never was a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto and it kind of has a similar look about it. Its nice that you are able to run around. I thought the Islands were pretty big when I first saw them but they are actually very small which is kind of a disappointment. Also, I noticed that there are some similarities with the zombies from Left 4 Dead and in this game. I like how you can drive...

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Intense with Humor 0

So a friend recommended this game to me so I decided to pay the 30 dollars and buy it. At first I wasn't to excited since I have been disappointed with war games in the past. However, I found this game to be very catchy and exciting. It has a good story line and it isn't the same thing over and over. It has some humor thrown in it which I absolutely love. It has its intense moments and the moments were you can have a laugh. The multiplayer is pretty entertaining. Overall this game has a good sco...

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Excitement Squashed 0

So, They made a huge hype about this game. And I was so excited when I first heard it was being released. I pre-ordered the game and when It finally arrived I was disappointed to a certain extent.  The game is almost a repeat to Fallout 3, They barely did anything with the graphics. Its as If they were in such a rush they forget to upgrade the graphics. Lots of glitches and lots of freezing with this game. The only thing that's exciting is New Vegas.  But overall I was expecting more. The game h...

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Very Disappointed 0

I had some time to play this game a little. I like the whole black and white and then color video. But i started to notice its a lot like Grand Theft Auto but with a little twist. I am so sick of these kind of games. You would think with all the good stuff we have these days people would come up with some new ideas. This game disappointed me. It had the action but I just didn't really feel it. After awhile i started to get bored. But nice try. But thank god i didn't buy it....

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One of the most unique games ive played 2

What suprised me about this game was its difference compared to any other. It is very unique and keeps my interest highly. The graphics are amazing and the story line is most promising. I have recommended numerous times for all my friends and family to play this unique game. All in all i have gotten positive feedback from this game. I cant wait for Bioshock 2 even though i have heard its being done by some one else so i hope its not a total waste of my money. But all in all great game....

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Keeps some of my interest 0

Great game, but after awhile it gets pretty boring. Its the same stuff over and over again but in different towns. I love the way you can throw daggers, have special moves and much more. Also I love how you can do a silent assassination i have played many games hoping that it was possible. I hope to see more out of Assassin's Creed two. But all in all good game. Just looking for a little more out of it....

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Good game better graphics then first one 0

Compared to the first one they did a great job on the graphics and mixing in the zombies by adding new ones. Love how they added 3 more special infected with awesome ability's and distinctive sounds. The campaigns are very interesting and very fun to play. I love this game because it has a challenge compared to the first one it was pretty easy. On this one even on easy its still a challenge in some parts. Good job on the game. I give this one a 5 star....

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Best game I have ever played 0

When I first read about this game I thought to myself, "This game is just going to be another one of those boring role playing games that are all the same." I love this game. The best game I have ever played. It keeps me interested and I can go to town and do jobs, buy homes, have children, get married 5 times. This game really knows how to keep my interest. Plus I cant stay away from those traveling game masters. Love the tower one. Great game and Id player a third one if they made it :)...

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Great game, But has some issues 1

I bought this game the day it came out. When I first played it i thought it was amazing. Then when I went to save and come back and play later it wasn't saved. Each time I would hit save and exit like it says to, But it just wouldn't save kept saying it was corrupted. Otherwise this game has tons of action and a awesome twisted kick to it. Just love it!...

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