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Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice. 1

Relic's latest installment to the series is a welcomed addition, but with nothing particularly new or different to show this time around.Here we are on the fourth Dawn of War titles and third expansion: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm. This time around we're thrown into the heart of the Kaurava system where a Warp Storm has brought all kinds of mess to be purged with righteous fury. Soulstorm introduces us to the first dedicated force of the Inquisition: The Sisters of Battle as well as...

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Truth begets hatred. 0

Relic does it again with their latest expansion to Dawn of War, this time adding a new way to purge heresy.For those who are uninitiated, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (that's a mouthful) is the third title and second expansion in the Dawn of War family of games. They are all Real-Time Strategy games developed by Relic (Company of Heroes anybody?) based on Games Workshop's table-top wargame Warhammer 40,000. And in this grim and dark glimpse into the 41st Milenium, we are introduce...

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Going Straight Back to the Source. 1

Garry's Mod: the quintessential sandbox adventure and spawning hundreds of web-comics in the process.Reviewing Garry's Mod isn't an easy task, because one person's GMod experience is going to be drastically different from another and, more importantly, Garry's Mod is both every type of game you could imagine, and no type of game all at the same time. Let's get down to the facts: Garry's Mod was made by, well, Garry Newman not too long after Half-Life 2 had been released as a way to have fun with...

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A Fresh Take on Classic Puzzling 0

Lumines is, in short, one of the few games all PSP owners should take the time to experience, and probably one of the most acclaimed launch titles on the PSP. It has gone on to spawn ports on many systems and at least one sequel so far, but what's the big deal? Lumines can, and probably will, be related to modern tetris games if someone were to try to describe it on the spot: You're given pieces that will automatically fall from the top of the screen (after a couple of seconds of planning, which...

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Do Not Compromise the Brotherhood.. and be Ready to Run Errands 0

Assassin's Creed is a game with a lot of misdirected and unused potential. Some will love it, others with loathe it but regardless of stance, there is a solid game buried in there.Assassin's Creed is one of those games that gets a lot of buzz, but ends up delivering a mixed package. It is by far one of the most visually impressive games out there, and is one of a select few games that manages to make sprawling urban environments that work (to a degree). Sadly, the game just push its own limits. ...

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Epic Sized Strategy 2

Supreme Commander is a solid Real-Time Strategy game best spent with some friends.Supreme Commander was one of the most talked about and watched RTSes of 2005 and 2006, boasting massive battles and massive conflicts for you to engage in, and, to put it simply, it delivers. At first Supreme Commander may feel intimidating, but it is perhaps one of the most streamlined RTSes available. You are able to queue just about any action you want well ahead of time, allowing for quick base construction and...

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"Hell Opened Its Gates" 0

Relive the tense Omaha Landing through the eyes of Able Company in what has to be one of the greatest World War II games released to date.Relic really has outdone themselves with Company of Heroes. Very few games based off of D-Day and the subsequent Normandy breakout have been as powerful and intense as Company of Heroes. "But wait!" you say "Isn't this an RTS?" Yes, Relic tells the story of Able and Fox companies across an amazing campaign with you in command of the entire operation.Company of...

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Oh Gosh, Didn't Recognize You in Hi-Def 2

The latest Ratchet and Clank game is a great game that any PS3 owner will enjoy.Being a newcomer to the Ratchet and Clank series, I didn't know exactly what to expect from the games, but after sorting out the installation glitch, I jumped right into the game and had a blast.Ratchet and Clank opens with, well, Ratchet and Clank working on a vehicle when they're interrupted by who I can only describe as Mr. Incredible and rush off to go save him from the "robot army" gathered outside of his base. ...

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All That is Good Flows Into This Game 0

BioShock is an amazing game that will not disappoint.If there was one game that really made me go "Wow." it was BioShock. Once you've got this game installed and running, prepare for an amazing trip under the sea into this genre defining game. Now, would you kindly follow me into the rest of this review?Start to finish, BioShock has some of the best storytelling out there. The game starts you off in the middle of a plane crash, and even though you seemingly crashed in the middle of the ocean, an...

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Love it or Hate it, Metal Gear is Here. 2

Metal Gear Acid was the PSP's launch title everyone had their eyes on- and many were thinking just what WAS Kojima thinking this time around? Overall, Metal Gear Acid is an enjoyable game that PSP owners won't regret purchasing.Metal Gear Acid isn't Metal Gear Solid. But it is Metal Gear. Let's just look at our Metal Gear check list:Leone's Metal Gear-Franchise Check-Listâ„¢Focus on Stealth? Check.Over the top bosses? Check.Over the top plot? Check.METAL GEAR!? Check.As many people who were follow...

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Rethinking Bundling 0

The Orange Box is the single greatest deal of this generation of gaming. Bar none.I am going to throw a little bias in here right off the bat and say that if you have a computer that's up to it (which is less and less of a problem given that the source engine is no longer demanding top-of-the-line systems to run it), the only Orange Box worth buying is the PC version. And why's that? Because the best content is the kind you can get for free and the only place you'll be experiencing the Half-Life...

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Everyone's Favorite Plumber is back.. IN SPACE. 0

Mario's latest romp on the Wii won't disappoint long time fans. All the old features of Super Mario we have come to love over the years are still here along with a few new twists for fans and newcomers alike.Super Mario Galaxy is one of those games Wii owners have been waiting for, and it is finally here. Mario's latest adventure starts off the way we've come to expect. Bowser whisks away Peach and you must give chase. Only this time, Mario finds himself plucked out of the Mushroom Kingdom and f...

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Welcome to the "Next Generation" of PC Games. 0

Crysis is by far one of the most visually stunning games released to date and tries to streamline the First Person Shooting genre but is hindered by glitches, high system requirements, and a rather run-of-the-mill plot.Don't get me wrong, my system is more than capable of playing Crysis, but I know that for a friend of mine, the system requirements were the exact reason he didn't end up purchasing the game. And I know that for many gamers, that will be a bone of contention, just like Supreme Com...

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