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Redefines the meaning of the genre and interactive media 0

With it's powerful narrative and high degree of interactivity between the player and the world, BioWare's role-playing games have always had a special meaning to the genre. They have managed to carve out a special niche for themselves which distinguishes them from every other RPG you might come across. The developer who made a name for themselves with Baldur's Gate and the Star Wars based Knights of the Old Republic have repeatedly built up on their forte's and the result has never been more evi...

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What Could Have Been Grand Settles For So Less 2

Metal Gear Solid is easily one of the most "unique" games to have come out during the fifth generation of console gaming. It's different not because of it's innovative narrative style but for the way it approaches the terminology of "video gaming". This is mostly because of the manner the game handles the plot and it's related cutscenes making them so intense and invigorating that the subsequent gameplay which follows it boils down as a disappointment. The credit to this should be mainly given ...

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A True Masterpiece No One Played 1

Vagrant Story might not have a huge fanfare, hardly selling million copies. It is a shame that a game as good as Vagrant Story was ignored by fans due to it's release date.It was unfortunate that it was released around the period of games like Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy IX and Dragon Warrior VII.However, from those few who have indeed played Vagrant Story will tell you even to this day, that how it's unique gameplay and it's immersive storyline can keep you hooked for hours.Vagrant Story ...

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A Portable Pleasure 2

When we think of a portable game, our thoughts usually wander to something enjoyable, something that will give you an immersing experience and something that mostly should keep you busy for a pretty long time. And, then you think of the kind of PSP games we come across. Most of them are to be ignored. But, often on PSP comes a game like Daxter that doesn't revolutionise anything in particular, but just does something differently. The thing that this lovable 3D Action Platformer does differ...

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The Game That Face-Lifted An Entire Genre For Good 2

INTRODUCTION"FFIV revolutionised the genre,beyond the point of recognition,and set some highly ambitious staples,that continues to be followed by the genre,years after they were set."In 1991,very few circles of western-gamers were aware of the rising phenomena of Japanese-RPG. The genre sure had it's solid foundations credited to games like Final Fantasy I and Dragon Warrior. Yet,it lacked the all-important element of "player attachment" and memorablemoments,something which every fan of th...

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A Dark,Gritty Game Which has Quality Over Quantity 0

Max Payne is considered as one of the classiest third person shooters on PC, and it has been said that for a good reason as well. It doesn't only have one of the most original element in shooters in the form of bullet time,but a thoroughly deep and interesting protagonist in Max Payne himself. Max Payne 2 starts with unknown time after Max Payne 1, where Max Payne has joined NYPD again and has been doing the quiet job until his past haunts come back as a nightmare in the form of his love,...

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An Open World RPG Not For Everyone 0

It has been often seen with series like Final Fantasy, which have small beginnings and are followed by only a limited group of gamers, until the crucial breakthrough game comes and raises the popularity of the series high above the bar. This breakthrough successfully balances the traditional features of the series at the same time introducing newer more revolutionary ones. Elder Scrolls has been around since 1994 with games like Arena and Daggerfall and did have it's fair share of criticis...

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A Perfect Swansong to the 2D Era 0

Few could argue with the fact that JRPG's were at their pinnacle in the 4th generation of consoles. Some of the all time classics of the genre were born on Nintendo's popular SNES,that went on to become household names. However,despite boasting of producing some great gems in that era,the genre was literally stagnating. JRPG has never been a genre of rapid innovation. The developers have always stuck to the tried and tested formula,whether it is in the department of story or gameplay. But,...

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A Flawed Masterpiece 0

Many FFVII fans, sung it's praises when it was released, and it without any doubt, secured a safe place for the future of RPG's. Without, FFVII the mainstream console RPG's would have never left Japan. Many of the Western gamers, had not even heard of RPG's let alone of Final Fantasy.FFVII had to be a superb game in all sectors, mainly because Square had to prove themselves without Nintendo. Moreover, it was one of the most highly publicised games that would mark the beginning of the golde...

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