A Little Bit Of: Waveform

Waves and wobbling.

I will preface this by saying that I suck at playing this game. And the fact that it at least partly seems setup to be a leaderboard game makes it all the worse for me. But I think that this is a fun game despite my terribleness. It has some lovely music that is supposedly dynamic to some extent, but I haven't really played enough of the game to get a real good feel for that yet and it's good, it fits with the style of the game regardless.

Manipulating the wave is interesting, you just hold down the left mouse and then drag horizontally and vertically to adjust the frequency and amplitude of the wave. And you're trying to line that path up and to score as many points as you can. The main story levels all have 100% completion paths to them but at some points in playing it I do get totally and utterly lost and kind of have no real way of getting a particular group because I have messed up so badly. That's probably one of the more frustrating things that I've had to deal with while playing it, but the act of manipulating the wave feels good and probably more importantly pretty intuitive.

It's a game that I like but am probably not really good enough and won't be able to put the time into getting good enough at the game to continue with it. But I do like it quite a lot for what it does.