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Pikmin Play On Wii Review 0

Nintendo have released Pikmin on the Wii, sadly not a new game, but instead the first Gamecube game with Wii controls, as part of their "Play on Wii" range. Many have long made the assumption that Pikmin on Wii would work very well, given Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls...Ok, so the controls work very well, even if not entirely seamless at first - the camera sensitivity takes a little getting use to, but you do get used to it with time. It's speedy and I think it needs to be, because of the game...

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Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Review 1

When Ninja Gaiden DS was announced by Team Ninja last year, some new fans of the franchise may have turned their noses up in disgust that their favourite game would be coming to the DS, in apparently reduced form. I myself was sceptical also. as to whether you could recreate sufficiently the console game experience on the humble little DS. Ninja Gaiden in it's modern form concentrates very strongly on fast paced combat of the highest calibre. It's a game filled with depth of control that require...

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