FM3 S-rank

So I fished off (S-Rank) Forza 3 this week --  What a fantastic racer, I really enjoyed my 150+ hours.    
I would offer up just a few recomendations to the the team at Turn 10: 
  - First and foremost, DLC tracks not integrating into the event list is unacceptable -- I love the Nurburgring Grand Prix track -- but other than a few races the day it was released I never saw the track again as I worked through all 220 event.  Please leave hooks in the event races to allow DLC to be included (swaping out another track for example).
  - I would love the option when selecting a new event to 'purchase a car that qualifies for the event' ,  similar to the 'choose a car from my garage' that already exists.    
  - No more drift challenges (although I am very thankful the 100,000 lap didn't disqualify rewind).  
Great game -- I'm looking forward to what T10 can do for the next go around..

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