Wrong way to play Just Cause 2? I think i did

The first 5 hours of JC2 felt fresh and new (i'd never played the first one), then i realized how much stuff there was to collect. I did maybe one agency mission and then went straight into clearing out every city and base there was to blow up. about 50 hours later, i had done most of all there was to do and then finally decided to do my agency missions. Since i had generated so much chaos, there was no break in between missions. I pretty much beat the main story in about an hour and was left very, very disappointed.  Spending hours jumping in and out of military bases trying to find every last collectible just made me feel sick once i was finished. Maybe i should have played more casually and continued the story while i generated chaos. Thats exactly what i did with Red Faction Guerilla, and i loved it. Maybe i took on JC2 with way to much enthusiasm.