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5 things battlefield: bad company 2 does better than Modern Warfare 2

advantages that Bad Company 2 has over MW2

List items

  • keeps the game-play varied and gives soldiers something requiring fresh tactics to overcome

  • MW2 accommodates cowardly players who just camp with a shotgun or runaway from the fight. It also encourages lone wolfs. In BC2, it is important to stay with your squad so a medic can heal you up or an assault guy can resupply you. BC2 also gives score bonuses to killing enemies near squad objectives.

  • maps are always changing and no two rounds are the same thanks to collapsing buildings. Instead of snipers going to the same exact spots everytime, the destructible maps require searching for new places

  • the ability to spawn on squad-mates and choose where you spawn help keep players from camping stationary spawn points.

  • bullets drop over long distances. rockets put holes in walls. shotgun shells don't magically stop at a certain range. MW2 doesn't have any of these things