Alas i have no idea what i did.


Well i got to say and i'm not just saying it because i was banned but gamespot has being going downhill for a while.
Sure the video reviews are still good(saves a lot of reading if nothing else)but it seems to be getting less and less frequently updated these days.
Its like there is nobody maintaing the place because the formatting is way out of whack and its been that way for a while.
And the moral of the story?a word of warning?
If  a christian basher comes onto a games board(mass effect 2) saying he would like to see a gay romance side story just leave it be(unless of course righteous anger takes over)because he will only go off to collect his buddies and they will report you en-mass to the moderator. tsch.

magna cum laude

leisure suit larry,magna cum laude,,,without a doubt,nothing else even comes close,,there are some genuinely side splitting moments in that game,,,it can be tasteless but who cares?