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Miroku Vs. Darksol

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I am just going to assume you know who they both are. I mean, come on, why not?

For the sake of recap though:

Miroku is a monk who likes the ladies, a skilled fighter… oh and he also has the ability to suck enemies into a vortex in his hand. This will eventually kill him, and yadda yadda yadda. But for now, it just vaporizes his enemies, most of which are demons.

Darksol is, basically, a demon of sorts. They call him a devil and his power is so great that he has returned to life at least twice. Each time, threatening the entire world with his evil magic.

Miroku would be hard-pressed to actually defeat Darksol alone. In my mind, he would need some serious help to do so in terms of battle prowess and physical strength (Where is Inuyasha when you need him? Probably with Kagome).

Miroku has the ace up his sleeve, his Wind Tunnel. It can suck in objects over 1,500 lbs from over a hundred feet away.

I would actually really like to be able to see this battle, it would be interesting.


If it were to happen, it could look something like this:

By some unknown means, Miroku is transported to the world of Shining Force in the land of Rune. While trying to get his bearings, he notices smoke in the sky and realizes that it is coming from a large town nearby. Sensing the presence of evil, Miroku races to the town to help however he can. As he approaches the town, he sees all manner of evil creatures attacking the city. Countless lie dead, and the survivors are fleeing in terror. He has never seen creatures quite like this, but resolves that he must destroy them. Miroku easily defeats many of the attacking monsters, but becomes surrounded. Having no alternative, he unleashes the power of his Wind Tunnel, destroying all of his assailants.

Intrigued by the stranger’s considerable powers, Darksol himself appears in the town centre. A black mist surrounds the devil king, and dread permeates the very air around him. “Your power is considerable, stranger,” he says in his cold, grating voice. His very words seem to tax Miroku’s senses, grating on his will. ” I am Darksol. I do not know who you are, but I am afraid you must die. But before that happens, might I know your name?” A wicked grin crawls across the devil’s face.

Miroku’s pulse quickens. Darksol’s crimson eyes blaze like hell fire, boring into his soul. Pushing down the feelings of dread and despair that rolled off of the devil king, and bravely locks eyes with him. “I am Miroku, demon… I am not afraid to die. But I may just surprise you.”

An eerie, spectral laugh splits the air as Darksol expresses his amusement, making the very air crackle with dark energy. Miroku quickly pulls several Jufu Talismans from his robes with power against evil. The paper glows a dull purple color, and he flings them at Darksol. The devil raises a barrier to defend himself. A grunt of surprise escapes the villain’s throat as the Sutras slice through his barrier, striking him in multiple places, and giving him mild burns.

Darksol growls, and begins to conjure a powerful spell, black energy swirls around him like a wind, Miroku crouches to keep himself from being blown off of his feet. Suddenly, a black hand lunges forward, grasping at Miroku’s right wrist.

Dread flows into the monk’s body, sapping his strength and willpower. “No!” He cries out, he quickly begins to feel that he is losing hope, faith, even the will to live. Darksol moves his hand to Miroku’s throat and lifts him from the ground.

“You are a spirited little thing, but now you will die.” Darksol states flatly, slowly beginning to choke the life from him. Miroku struggles to loose the rosary on his right hand. “What is it you are doing little monk? You want your precious little beads? They will not help you.” The demon laughs again, pulling the rosary from his victim’s hand and tossing it aside. However, in doing this, he unknowingly released the full force of Miroku’s Wind Tunnel.

“What?! NOOOO!” Darksol screams as the vortex threatens to consume him. Throwing Miroku to the ground, once again the devil calls upon his dark magics, shielding himself from the wind tunnel, and releasing a venomous dark mist into it. This dark energy fills Miroku’s body and mind are filled with an almost blinding pain.

Willing himself to his feet, Miroku levels his hand at Darksol, sucking in all that the devil has to offer. “You…will not…kill me…demon!” Blood begins to seep from the monk’s face and he growls in determination.

Darksol screams in pain as the wind tunnel begins to rip pieces of armor off of his body, causing a portion of his pauldron to cut into his shoulder, even as the vortex pulls him slowly forward. He digs his heels in, but he cannot stop himself from being pulled in.

Miroku trembles in pain as the demon begins to be pulled into the void in his hand. Darksol hisses and shrieks in pain as the void claims his hands, “Not today, fool! Not today!” He begins to vanish into thin air, and Miroku feebly attempts to stab him with the sharpened end of his staff. It catches him, and he cries out, re-materializing and Miroku pushes the blade deeper into the devil, and lets the wind tunnel do the rest of the work. It pulls him further onto the bladed staff, wounding him greatly. “Damn you! Damn you, you little mortal!” Darksol gasps, as he is at last pulled into the void. Miroku collapses to the ground, grasping for his rosary and seals the wind tunnel.

Panting, choking, and coughing up blood, Miroku lies on the ground. The victor, though it nearly killed him. But, could this really be the end of Darksol? This greater devil is not known for staying dead…