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Most Genius Viral Marketing Campaign, EVER!

If Too Human is about the dangers of becoming the thing you're fighting against. I think Dyack had all this drama planned. In his campaign to bring down whinny crying forum posters. He became a whinny crying forum poster that can get on 1up Yours. So, I guess Dyack wins for 1 upping the GAFers. All of this was about Dyack proving he is the smartest man alive.


CoDD: Call of Duty Dilemma

I've noticed gamers and press alike complaining about the setting of CoD: World at War in World War II. People always say there are so many WWII games.  Think about how many CoD4 or Halo clones there are. I would rather shoot Nazis in the face any day then shooting some unnamed Arab or made-up BS Aliens. There's more weight in the context that these were real people. They were bad. We need to make them pay. This adds to level of complexity that someone really had to go through events in the game. WWII was the greatest time because of the wait of the free world was on the shoulders of the people in that era. 

Modern war is ugly and impersonal. Ernest Hemingway said it best when he said, "In modern war.... you will die like a dog for no good reason" I think COD4 was not a good representation for what modern war is. Although it was a great game I believe any historical game is better off the bat because it wasn't just thought up by a game company that didn't want to do their homework. But, I'm sure Infinity Ward has done plenty of WWII era research in there previous games. I'd like to see CoD:WaW be very good. With Treyarch having the luxury of a full dev-cycle and the screens and trailers looking promising, I'm optimistic.