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Returning to Ragnarok 1

In an industry increasingly intent on re-releasing prettier versions of old games it is relatively rare to find one of these remasters that goes back and examines core gameplay and tweaks it into something more streamlined for a modern audience. Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, a HD remake of the PS2 cult classic, not only gives the already gorgeous hand-drawn art that developer Vanillaware are known for a HD overhaul but makes meaningful changes to the original's mechanics that makes it easy to recomm...

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Calling all cliché 0

DeathSpank is an action RPG developed by Hothead Games in collaboration with Ron Gilbert (of Monkey Island fame). Although the game is described as being Diablo-esque with spatterings of Monkey Island, the game pulls its punches with both of these elements and never reaches its full potential.  You play as DeathSpank, hero to the downtrodden, etcetera etcetera, a dense meathead of a hero that has dedicated his life to being a hero worthy of an ancient artifact ...

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It's Good To Be King 1

At first glance, it's probably easy for people to dismiss Little King's Story as a game for kids, with it's whimsical presentation and simple premise. Further inspection, though, will lead you into a surprisingly deep and challenging adventure that, despite a few minor quirks, is one of the most lengthy and satisfying on the Wii to date.Little King's Story begins with the young and timid boy Corobo finding a magical crown in the forest. Putting on the crown makes Corobo the King of all the land,...

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Do the Monkey with me! 0

Monkey Island is one of those franchises that I remember playing way back in primary school. I used to ride my bike over to my mates place just to play adventure games like Monkey Island, Space Quest, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, among others. The news of a remake of the original classic The Secret of Monkey Island was cause for celebration, even though it turns out this remake isn't so much of a remake as it is a spit and polish.The Secret of Monkey Island is a classic Lucasarts adve...

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An ultimately enjoyable, if light, jRPG 0

It's hard to find a place to start when talking about Eternal Sonata. On one hand, it leaves a great first impression by offering an aesthetically and musically brilliant world to fall into, yet on the other, the unique combat system takes a quite a while to gel. Interlacing the two you have a very linear progression, and a story that at times can feel more like a vehicle for its often preachy morals. The game takes place inside the mind of renowned composer Frederic Francois Chopin, who is on h...

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The Blue Bomber is Back 0

But is he up to scratch?Mega Man 9 is a completely new iteration of the classic Mega Man series, which had its humble beginnings on the NES. Alot were skeptical about whether Mega Man 9, with its deliberate 8bit styling, would hold up today as it did way back in 1987. The result is, for all intents and purposes, a great example of a Mega Man game, warts and all.Capcom stays with the tried and true formula of the past Mega Man games by throwing you eight robot masters to defeat before you can pro...

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