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A sweet snack to pass the time 0

    I'd like to start by saying however your friends might disagree this game is a fun energetic game that any gamer should not fell ashamed to play while on xbox live.     The game has some of the best graphics currently on the xbox, from the nice water engine to the draw distance the game is incredibly inviting to the eye. The core game play does have flaws but game is still a deep and rewarding experience that gets me all giddy inside trying to get that darn chewnicorn. There is a great varie...

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The best OJ you'll have all day 0

    First let me start out by saying if you don't have this game yet go and buy it now. I'll give you a minute to get it now...............................    Now that you have the game you can realize it's incredible value, delivery of quality, a multi player experience equal to the greats ( halo and gears), a inviting and impossible to let go single player game. Judging that you own a 360 you may not have played half life 2 yet and you surly will be pleased with it's transition to the console....

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The Same Old Gun and Dance 0

If your looking for a repetitive, bland storied shooter then boy is this the game for you! While the game does have it's ups (shooting a sniper in the junk from 100 meters back anyone) while the action is mostly just hanging around center.     The game is only around 7 hours of jaw dropping trigger mashing. The shooting elements are fun however mind numbing at the middle of the game. The damage physics are pretty good with dinosaurs blowing up real pretty and a reward for the more destruction yo...

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