The Older Gamer.... Time to move on?

As I get older, the time needed to play games gets shorter and shorter. With "Life" issues getting in the way of gaming time, how do we as older gamers (Over 30) find the time necessary to fill the need to play games.  From the age of 6, I have never been without a game system and up until 5-10 years ago, I have had a copious amount time to play them.  
But even in the most busy times up to and including my early and late 20s, I made the time to buy and play the latest games that came out at that time.
But for some reason, now as I get older... I seem to be lazy, bored or the games today have not quite captured my attention the way they had in my memories.
Is it time to let go of the "Hardcore Gamer" in me and pass the torch over to the next crop of young gamers take over the hobby? 
Or do I become the enemy, the "Casual Gamer", the Wii or IPod gamer, let go of my trusted controller and pick up a "waggle-wand" of some sort? 
These are the thoughts of an over-worked, time strapped gamer in his mid 30's, looking for the excuse to game again.
Any Thoughts?