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Battle of the Brads

So I think there has to be a final battle between Mr. Shoemaker and Mr. Nicholson.  The Battle will be swift and fierce; Nicholson's pecks versus Shoemaker's Deep Dulcet Tones.  There will of course be the option for each Brad to choose a second.  For Mr. Shoemaker, I recommend Vinny caravella, and for Mr. Nicholson, I think either Topher Cantler (of Rockmellon soda and Destructoid fame) or Jim Sterling (of trolling fame).   


Two minutes, no holds barred. 

The Spoils

Whichever Brad wins will have earned the right to be called Brad without any clarification. 

The Loser

Should Mr. Shoemaker lose, he will go by,"The Other Brad" 
Should Mr. Nicholson lose, he will be burdened eternally with the name, "Chet" 

In Closing

Gentlemen, this is a battle of the ages