LANS is hosting a LAN party-

LANS is once again hosting a LAN party where we hang out and just enjoy one and anothers good company, sharing ideas and playing games!

LANS = Local Area Network Society was a non-profit association that we pretty much founded to get almost free LAN partys, was a while since the last time, several years even but now the core of the association once again join up.
But now it's time to get some LAN food and drinks.

"Knivman" was the name of this blade. A friend managed to stab himself in the lower arm with this sucker.


Well, not that hungover but enough to be semi-retarded... But actually I managed to get something positive out of this whole thing; sleep, which I usually don't get that much of due to insomnia, the sleep sucked of course but I'm not as "junkie looking" as I use to be.

Anyways, screw that. Today has been a pretty good day, I have been... :

  • Grinding honor and battleground tokens i World of Warcraft to get my final non-arena PvP gear before the expansion.
  • Making chicken burgers and "klyftpotatis"*.
  • Hanging out with my woman.
  • Buying loads of Coca-Cola Zero, cookies and some lovely chocolate to drink/eat during the night while I level my young tauren shamans.

Still to come is playing and hanging out some more with my woman sooo... Take care!

*some kind of potatoes that is chopped up. Kinda like "stripes".

First blog entry here at and I've gotta say that I really like it and the lovely crew that brought all this together. I feel already that this blog post will be kinda short but I felt like I had to write _something_.
... Yeah, short indeed.

Now it's time to bake a cake named "Kladdkaka" here in Sweden, picture will come up some other day of my conjured kladdkaka.