Get a Bigger F'n Hard Drive 20 giggers!

So I was playing around with NXE for a bit this evening and I must admit, I was quite impressed. I created my lovely Conan O'Brien avatar and perused the new interface that is replacing the old blade system. I think everything looks wonderful and is very easy to navigate. Unfortunately I do not have a Netflix subscription, so I wasn't able to explore this potentially amazing feature. However, the real reason I was so eager for this update was the ability to install games to my hard drive. I have one of the older systems and my disc drive is essentially shot to shit. It has scratched way too many of my games. It is kinda like my 360 has Parkinson's and is reading my discs with a switchblade. It sucks. I was banking on this feature to essentially fix my disc read error problems and possibly prevent me from needing to purchase a new console all together.

Any who, I have been terrified to play Gears of War 2 for the past week because I really did not want it to get scratched. Every time I booted it up, it sounded like my console was gargling nails. You can probably imagine the relief that I felt after finally being able to download it without having to fret for future gameplay experiences. It took a little less than 10 minutes for the game to download. Afterward, I wanted to check how much space I had for my next download. It turns out I only had 5.6 gigs left on my 20GB hard drive. Gears 2 took up a whopping 6.7 gigs. I checked the rest of my library to see if I could stuff anything else on my HDD and the only games small enough were Condemned: Criminal Origins and the Orange Box. Yes, the disc with 5 games on it is less that 5.6 gigs. Ain't that some shit?

Want to ride beasts with me from the sanctity of your hard drive?? That'll be 6 gigs, bitch!
Want to ride beasts with me from the sanctity of your hard drive?? That'll be 6 gigs, bitch!

These are the results for most of the games currently in my library that I tested.

Assassin's Creed: 6.7GB
Bioshock: 6.1GB
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: 6.7GB
Gears of War: 6.5GB
Gears of War 2: 6.7GB
Golden Axe: Beast Rider: 6.4GB  (I won it so get off me!)
Grand Theft Auto 4: 6.8GB
Halo 3: 6.3GB
Madden NFL 09: 6.7GB
Mass Effect: 6.8GB
Splinter Cell: Double Agent: 6.8GB

I figure you already know most of this by now, but nevertheless I enjoy bringing redundancy into your lives. So to any fellow 20 giggers who were looking forward to this feature, start deleting old game saves and underplayed demos or start saving coins for that 120GB overpriced brick of bullshit. Unfortunately, you're going to need one to really enjoy this.

Note: Sorry I didn't have the likes of a Fallout 3 or Fable 2 to test, but I think you can guesstimate from the sizes of GTA4 and Mass Effect.