My Skyrim Character Build

I plan on restarting my Skyrim character in the near future. I plan on being the same type of character as I've been playing as, which is a Khajilt stealth character who specializes in Archery (and occasionally daggers) for combat. I wanted to restart because I felt like I was simply running through the motions and not taking the time to fully explore the game and the little things the world of Skyrim has to offer.

Thanks to IGN's Skyrim Skill Builder, I've outlined the general buildup of my character. My build up is only to level 31. Aside from the skills leveled in my build, I plan on working on Speech, Lockpicking, and One-Handed as I see fit.

My Build

Please feel free to give any feedback or suggestions on my build. The reason I tagged this onto the forums was to hear what everyone thought. I'm open to your thoughts and opinions