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Guacamelee!'s Gameplay Is What You Want From a Downloadable Title 0

Guacamelee! is the third game from Toronto-based developer Drinkbox Studios and is the first game that isn't part of the Tales From Space series. Much like Tales From Space, Guacamelee! has a striking art style, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.Whereas the Tales From Space games are strictly platformers, Guacamelee! is a game that smartly blends three genres into one cohesive package. There are platforming sections, much like in other Drinkbox games, but Guacamelee! also introdu...

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The Walking Dead 0

Stories in video games have never really been taken seriously. Most people view them as a way to entertain or reduce stress. Although some developers have made several attempts to incorporate drama and add a meaningful story to their games, none of them have really delivered in a way that a movie, television show, or novel could.“The Walking Dead” is a game that proves that video games can be just as powerful as any other forms of media. It’s developed by Telltale Games, a studio that is known f...

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