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Lvl 60 Rogue, LFG

Got an e-mail from Blizzard inquiring about my WoW account. That's funny, I haven't played WoW since early 2006. At that time I let a friend "borrow" my account to play on a different server when I wasn't playing. We fell out, I stopped playing, he stole the account, no surprises there. It was half surprising because I never actually found out until years later, but whatever. I just assumed he'd sold it by then.

Well, he did apparently, or at least that's Blizzard's concern. I never knew there was a way to get it back until they came to me with it. Now I'm waiting to hear if I actually have to fax them my ID, and after almost 6 years the account should be mine again. I dunno if I'll play again, but it sure will be funny to take it back from some douche who probably paid a lot of money for it. Lord knows what level my rogue is by now haha

Or if he even exists, but if the account's been for sale before then it's probably got something. Anybody have stories of anything similar? Be interesting to know if they'll just nuke the account if I don't prove I'm myself good enough.


Sexism: Not a useful trolling tool on Gamespot haha

So I like to troll Gamespot. Hell, I troll this place sometimes too. People are too easily offended and I like to abuse that. Even when making good points I like to throw in a hint of ignorance for kicks. I don't think I ever missed the mark quite so damn badly as I did this time hahah  

 Wow, that's some tiny text!
 Wow, that's some tiny text!
What I wrote is pretty offensive. "Pretend" women are our equals? My girlfriend would punch me in the face for that haha 
What does this mean? Everybody missed the women bashing part? 19 out of 21 Gamespot users are men? 19 out of 21 of the all male userbase is sexist? Men hate women? Is this actually long enough to be considered a Blog? Are there standards for Blogs in the first place?  
So many unanswered questions!  
Here's a link to the article:

If peanut butter is kryptonite for your kid keep it the fuck home

My girlfriend's kid is in Grade 4. She's not allowed to bring birthday invitations to school unless she invites the whole class. WHAT THE FUCK?!@?!  
All of a sudden bullying is being painted like it's the kid version of rape/murder. No, it's just kids being kids. 
Cyber bullying? Get fucking real. Why the fuck is your kid on the internet if they're not even mature enough to handle being made fun of? haha 
Can't playfight at school anymore. I can't remember there being anything else to do really. 
What the hell are these kids gonna do when they grow up and they find out not everybody likes them, and sometimes bad things happen? 
What the fuck are we all gonna do when these fairies grow up and some realistic country invades us? haha


I modded my arcade stick, so take a look if that's your thing

What an ordeal. Honestly, the planning and tracking down materials was way harder than the actual mod itself. There isn't an online shop that has everything I want in one spot. I settled for but I can't even remember why now haha  I wanted mix and match buttons at first, but couldn't find what I wanted and was afraid to mix my own. Turns out it's actually really easy but that was something I discovered by accident trying to pop the start/back buttons out.

Vinyl dye man. What awesome shit. I just took my bezel, threw it on a cardboard box in the basement, and sprayed my ass off. I wanted dark grey to match my balltop, but in Truro, Nova Scotia, there's only two colors in stock. Black and burgundy. Took me 5 stops just to find that. Brutal. Awesome, awesome stuff though.

Anyway, here's a picture of the original stick.

No Caption Provided
My primary goal was to get rid of the horrible yellow. With the yellow gone though, the white didn't have much purpose either so it had to go too. No way in hell was I ever gonna change that artwork. It's the best picture you can get on a TE if ya ask me. The MvC3 stick was just lameness.

Anyway, the modding went fine, though my fingers hurt like a bastard now haha  I thought I screwed up one of my quick disconnects because it wiggled more than the rest when I put it back on, but everything worked when I tested it out. Might have to keep an eye on it. If my X button ever stops working I'll know why at least.

All the parts are Sanwa, and the balltop is Sanwa's meshball which for whatever reasons costs 12 bucks while a regular ball costs like 3 heh

Not really much else to say, so here's a pic of the finished product.

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Planning for the new console generation

I dunno when it's coming, nor do I really care yet. However, I am still agonizing over it anyway. After this past generation, with RRoD's, PS3's breaking and getting replaced (for a LARGE fee) with crappier non-backwards compatible versions, and Wii support being abandoned so quickly, I think a few of us will be making our purchases with much hesitation and anxiety. 
I already know what I'm buying, but the question is when? It's undisputed that buying a console right out of the gate is the most expensive and least rewarding time to do so. Everyone's launch 360 broke. My buddy paid $800 for his PS3 at launch and it broke and they charged him 300 bucks to fix it. That put him at over a grand within the first year of launch. It also makes him a dumbass but that's beside the point haha

Technology is getting shittier at the same rate it's getting powerful. I think it was around 3 years in before they finally fixed the RRoD thing. How long until they get the new generation to work as advertised? 4 years? I would hope that with all the time they have to prepare they'd be able to ship hardware that works, but you can't trust them to do that. 

Then there's the thing I'm even more worried about. Digital content. I've probably blown a cool grand on downloadable crap so far. Will all my XBL Arcade games work with my new console? What about games like SSF4:AE, or Rock Band that I'll certainly still be playing next gen? Will my DLC still work? My controllers?

For all we know they may not even have disc drives, so there may not be backwards compatibility at all. I'm not the type to keep old consoles laying around, so without backwards compatibility my entire game library is rendered useless. The reason I speculate there may be no disc drives is twofold. One, some dude from MS gave me the idea in the first place. Two, I read that L.A. Noire fills en entire BluRay. If BluRay is already that close to being obsolete, why the hell would they use it in a few years? 

Back to my original question of when to buy one. Well, I know I'll buy one within the first year, and I know it won't be on launch because there won't be any games. So I guess the real question here is, how much will I regret purchasing a next generation console?

Anyway, this is just the crap I think about. It's also the crap I expect them to think about if they want me to hand over hundreds of dollars in 2 or 3 years.


Gamers who take games waaaay too seriously.

Ever find a game you like, then decide you like it so much that you seek out a larger community on the internet? Did what you found actually make you enjoy the game less? Notice how this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME?

After Reach came out, I got pretty into Halo. So I went to to take part in the forums. What a mistake. The demands, the perceived personal sleights, the crying and whining. The constant "I just checked your k/d, your opinion doesn't count" crap. Some of these fucks actually take Halo more seriously than a real army takes combat. I'm gonna go to right now and find a thread that proves my point, and I promise not to look farther than the first page.

There you go. I didn't even read it, but I know it's some psychotically detailed report on how Armor Lock ruins lives. As usual, I'm sure this guy thinks he's bringing something new to the table.

Then I got back into Street Fighter and found Shoryuken. I figured "This has gotta be better than the GameFaqs board". Well it was, but it doesn't manage to avoid this retarded behavior completely. Here, check out this thread about SF3.

Seriously? There's a human being who takes this shit that seriously? I can't wait to go online and use nothing but drop kicks and hadokens on him until he commits suicide in disgust. You'll notice I mock him a few pages in haha  His response (I never actually checked for it) is likely "U sux at SF". Ah, but he sucks at life, am I right? haha

Fighting game fans apparently like to throw the word "scrub" around a lot. Do they know that term was already coined by TLC? I already know a scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly, not someone who sucks at fighting games. Also known as a busta, duh. 

I know it's just stupid kids acting stupid because adults have more important shit to worry about, but just once I'd like to go on the internet and have a conversation about a game I like without someone coming in twisting the issue and trying to pretend they know everything about game programming or telling me the competitor is better.  What's the point? It's the internet. I can guarantee nobody cares about anybody else's opinion on the internet. So why all the stupid bitching and crying?

Fuck you videogame fans. Go outside.